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North American Chicken Laws

Page history last edited by Heather Havens 12 years, 3 months ago


Country Location Allowed Law ID # Rule Source
CAN Saskatoon, Saskatchewan No   Galliformes (such as pheasants, grouse, guineafowls, turkeys) Prohibited  
CAN Halifax NS Not Yet   Very complicated city residential codes. This year a couple tried and failed, but I think it might work if people keep trying.  
CAN Kamloops BC Processing BY-LAW NO. 34-11 The City Council discussing changing bylaws to allow chickens now, may decide in January 2009. Current bylaw only allows chickens on acre lots. http://kamloops.fileprosite.com/content/pdfstorage/2B6560DAD326465ABC831D07931443DE-34-11.pdf
CAN Toronto ON No CH. 349 schedule A Schedule A to Ch 349, Prohibited Animal- ... BIRDS Anseriformes (such as ducks, geese, swans, screamers) Galliformes (such as pheasants, grouse, guineafowls, turkeys) <Poultry or chickens are not mentioned, but chickens are Galliformes, so are prohbited.> http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/municode/1184_349.pdf
CAN Vienna ON Not Yet     Bev Wagar, http://theviennacafe.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=390&ac=0&Itemid=27
CAN Gibsons BC Yes ANTI-NOISE BYLAW NO. 364, 2.4 2.4 No person shall own, keep or harbour any animal or bird which by its cries unduly disturbs the peace, quiet, rest or tranquility of the surrounding neighbourhood or the public at large http://www.gibsons.ca/pdfgibsonsbc/gibsonsBylaws/GibsonsAntiNoiseBylaw364.pdf
CAN Nelson BC Yes BY-LAW NO. 2333 Animal includes poultry, which includes female and male chickens. I could find no bylaws regulating poultry or chickens. http://www.nelson.ca/pdf/CON-2333.pdf
CAN-Van New Westminster BC Yes, 6000 sq ft lots or more Bylaw 4271, 1967 Poultry are allowed on lots 6000 sq ft or more, not less than 50 ft from a dwelling (which makes it impossible on most city lots). This bylaw is being discussed by city council now. http://www.newwestcity.ca/cityhall/Leg_Info/Bylaws/4271phb.pdf
CAN-Van Burnaby BC Yes Bylaw 9609- Animal Control Bylaw 1991, and Health bylaw 509 Poultry are not allowed to be at large. Fowl must be in an enclosed area, and not under, attached to or in a dwelling. http://burnaby.fileprosite.com/contentengine/launch.asp?ID=303
CAN-Van Vancouver BC Yes, when new bylaw is written (3/09) Animal Control bylaw 9150 ANIMAL CONTROL BY-LAW NO. 9150 Prohibition against keeping certain domestic animals 7.2 A person must not keep in any area, temporarily or permanently, any horses, donkeys, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, pheasants, quail, or other poultry or fowl, except that this prohibition does not apply to areas in which the Zoning and Development By-law allows the keeping of such animals, to licensed pet shops or kennels, or to slaughter houses, and except as permitted by section 7.4. http://vancouver.ca/bylaws/9150c.pdf
CAN-Van Victoria BC Yes Bylaw_92-189, 2 & 37 No farm animals or roosters allowed in the city. Animals include fowl and other members of the poultry genus. Animals are not allowed to trespass anywhere where they do not have permission to be. http://www.victoria.ca/common/pdfs/bylaw_92-189.pdf?zoom_highlight=rooster
CAN-Van Port Coquitlam, BC Unclear Bylaw 1020, -27 Poultry are classified under “cattle”, and are not allowed to be “at large in the city”, however it is not specified that they are not allowed in the city if not “at large”. http://www.city.port-coquitlam.bc.ca/__shared/assets/1020_-_Animal_Control57.pdf
CAN-Van Richmond, BC Only on half acre lots (2000 sq m) Bylaw 7137,City of Richmond Bylaw 7230, Animal Control Bylaw No. 7932 3.1.1 A person must not keep poultry: a) On a parcel less than 2,000 sq meters (21,529 sq ft); or b) In, upon, or under any structure used for human habitation. 3.1.2 Each person keeping poultry must ensure that: a) Such poultry does not create a nuisance; and b) All lands and premises where such poultry are kept, are maintained in a sanitary condition at all times, and that excrement is not permitted to accumulate and cause, in the opinion of the Medical Health Officer, an objectionable odor or nuisance. http://www.richmond.ca/__shared/assets/072400_bylaw71371280.pdf
CAN-Van Surrey BC Only on acre lots Zoning By-law, No. 12000 The Surrey Zoning By-law, No. 12000 makes provisions for the keeping of animals on properties in Surrey. Each lot in Surrey may have a maximum of 2 dogs. Cats, birds, etc. have no limit on a property. On properties in the RA, RH, RF and RF-SS zones, there are provisions for allowing the keeping of livestock, poultry, rabbits and chinchillas. Properties that wish to keep these animals must be a minimum of 1 acre in size. http://www.surrey.ca/Living+in+Surrey/Bylaw+Compliance/Animal+Control+Issues.htm
US Arlington TX Yes Section 5.02 Section 5.02 Keeping of Fowl A person commits an offense if he: A. Keeps or maintains more than four (4) fowl on one-half (1/2) acre or less or at a distance closer than fifty feet (50') from any habitation located on another's property; or B. Keeps or maintains more than ten (10) fowl on more than one-half (1/2) acre but less than one (1) acre at a distance closer than fifty feet (50') from any habitation located on another's property. C. Keeps or maintains twenty-five (25) fowl or more on one (1) acre or more at a distance closer than fifty feet (50’) from any habitation located on another’s property. D. Fails to keep any fowl of the Order Anseriformes from being at large; or E. Fails to keep any fowl of the Order Galliformes contained within a coop or pen. F. Keeps or maintains roosters except in an area zoned as agricultural.  
US New York City NY Yes NYC Health Code § 161.19 § 161.19. Keeping of live poultry and rabbits. (a) No person shall keep a live rooster, duck, goose or turkey in a built-up portion of the City. (b) A person who holds a permit to keep for sale or sell live rabbits or poultry shall keep them in coops and runways and prevent them from being at large. Coops shall be whitewashed or otherwise treated in a manner approved by the Department at least once a year and at such other times as the Department may direct in order to keep them clean. Coops, runways and the surrounding area shall be kept clean. http://www.nycacc.org/nychealthcode.htm
US Portland, OR Yes 13.05.015 E.   A person keeping a total of three or fewer chickens, ducks, doves, pigeons, pygmy goats or rabbits shall not be required to obtain a specified animal facility permit.  If the Director determines that the keeper is allowing such animals to roam at large, or is not keeping such animals in a clean and sanitary condition, free of vermin, obnoxious smells and substances, then the person shall be required to apply for a facility permit to keep such animals at the site. http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/index.cfm?&a=185339&c=28228
US Seattle WA Yes SMC 23.42.052, Ord. 122311 , Section 23, 2006 C. Domestic Fowl. Up to three (3) domestic fowl may be kept on any lot in addition to the small animals permitted in subsection A. For each one thousand (1,000) square feet of lot area in excess of the minimum lot area required for the zone or, if there is no minimum lot area, for each one thousand (1,000) square feet of lot area in excess of five thousand (5,000) square feet, one (1) additional domestic fowl may be kept. http://clerk.ci.seattle.wa.us/~scripts/nph-brs.exe?d=CODE&s1=23.42.052.snum.&Sect5=CODE1&Sect6=HITOFF&l=20&p=1&u=/~public/code1.htm&r=1&f=G
US South Portland, ME Yes ORDINANCE#-4-07/08 Sec. 3 Very well written and all encompassing, and 6 pages long, only about chickens. 6 hens, all city lots, etc... http://www.southportland.org/vertical/Sites/%7B7A5A2430-7EB6-4AF7-AAA3-59DBDCFA30F2%7D/uploads/%7BE1E16923-33A4-4EB0-ADED-AA11FC64E311%7D.PDF
US Billings MT Unclear Sec. 27-607 Someone I know had this experience with the city regarding chickens, “The animal control guy told me that we had ordinances against chickens in city limits. I asked him to email me a copy. This was about a month ago. I had researched it and found none when I was thinking about getting them. He sent this email to me the other day "There is no ordinance in the city of Billings that prohibits people from having pet chickens.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 657-8226.” Livestock, as defined in BMCC section 27-201, shall not be maintained in any zoning district located within the limits of the city (see also BMCC sections 4-501 through 4-505). Outside city limits, or in commercial and industrial zones under 2.5 acres, are allowed 1 livestock unit per 20,000 sq ft, and each hen, rooster, duck count as .25 live stock unit. A goose or turkey count as .5 l.u. Each. http://www.municode.com/resources/gateway.asp?pid=10441&sid=26
US Jefferson WI Yes   4 hens, no roosters or other fowl. No slaughtering. Must be enclosed at all times and have a secure shelter. Not less than 15 ft from lot lines. Just happened Dec 18. http://dailyunion.com/main.asp?SectionID=36&SubSectionID=113&ArticleID=764&TM=53893.01
US Green Bay WI Only if Humane Office issues a permit Chapter 8 Green Bay WI Municipal Codes regarding Chickens Chapter 8 Public Health and Welfare Only if Humane office issues a permit, then: Summary: Basically 4 or less full grown full-sized chickens (8” or more), or 8 chicks, pullets, or bantam (miniature) breed adult chickens (under 8”) are allowed on residential lots in Green Bay. Roosters would be prohibited under Green Bay noise ordinances. http://www.ci.green-bay.wi.us/forms/Code_Book/chp8.pdf
US Bend, OR Yes      
US Lakewood WA Yes   18A.50.160- Animals in Residential Districts A. Peacocks, roosters, turkeys, ostriches, emus, other similar birds, wild, undomesticated or exotic mammals, and cows, sheep, llamas, goats, swine, and other livestock, but excluding horses, shall be prohibited in all zoning districts in the City except AC1 and AC2. Horses and equestrian facilities shall be permitted only as allowed by LMC 18A.30, Zoning Districts. B. Poultry, pigeons, ducks, and similar birds, and rabbits and similar mammals, except as prohibited in Subsection 18A.50.160.A. above, raised for domestic, noncommercial use shall be permitted as an accessory use to a dwelling unit on any lot, provided: 1. A minimum setback of ten (10) feet from all property lines shall be required for all hutches and twenty (20) feet for all pens, coups, aviaries, similar enclosures, and free-range areas. 2. No more than sixteen (16) poultry, birds or rabbits and similar mammals shall be permitted per acre. 3. Aviaries or lofts shall provide a minimum of one (1) square foot for each pigeon or similar bird and shall not exceed one thousand (1000) square feet. (Ord. 264 ? 1 (part), 2001.)




US Lawrence, KS Yes ORDINANCE NO. 8378

ARTICLE 5. CHICKENS AND DUCKS 501. KEEPING OF CHICKENS AND DUCKS As used in this section, fowl shall mean those chickens or ducks that may be legally owned within the City. The maximum total number of fowl allowed to be owned or kept on an individual lot is one animal per 500 square feet of lot size, rounded down, but in no event will the total number of fowl on any lot exceed 20. It shall be unlawful to keep roosters within the City. 501. COOPS, ROOSTS, LAYING BOXES 1. In addition to the other requirements of this Chapter that specify standards applicable to the keeping of animals, any person who owns chickens or ducks shall provide a coop or other similar shelter and adequate laying boxes, and roosts for the chickens or ducks. Such shelter shall be screened or walled in a manner that allows the chickens or ducks to be reasonably protected from predators. 2. The coop shall be a minimum of 2 square feet in size per chicken or duck if the birds have a fenced outdoor run, or 10 square feet per chicken or duck if the birds do not have a fenced outdoor run. 3.A minimum of one square foot of laying box space shall be provided for each laying hen. Each laying box will contain adequate clean bedding material such as hay or other similar soft material. 4. One 8” or larger roost is required per chicken. Ducks do not require roosts. 5. Coops shall be constructed in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the City’s Development Code, Chapter 20 of the City Code. In the event that a coop qualifies as an accessory structure under that code, all requirements regarding placement and setbacks must be met. In no event will any chicken coop be located closer than five feet from any neighboring property line. 6. In the event that a mobile coop is utilized, the coop shall be kept in compliance with all City ordinances that apply to the outdoor storage of property. 7. The coop shall be kept in a clean and sanitary fashion to prevent the accumulation of waste or any other noxious substance or the presence of vermin. Each coop shall, at a minimum, be cleaned at least once a week.








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